13 August 2009


By D.C. Wright

With Rick Chace and Jeff Head

Our “leaders” have turned this whole Constitution thingy right on its head. Instead of being our (well-paid) EMPLOYEES, they have taken it upon themselves to become our RULERS. Take the Congress for example. For the most part (and there are only a tiny handful of exceptions), the laws they pass don’t apply to them or to Capitol Hill anywhere. Sexual harassment? No problem, they’re not covered by those laws. Labor laws? Not enforced here. Time to take a vacation? THEY’RE not too poor to afford to travel in style. Just call the Air Force and get a VIP aircraft for them and their minions. Call it “fact-finding” to mollify the folks back home. Why, there’s even talk of Congress buying as many as 6-8 brand new luxury corporate jets so the Air Force can fly them about in even greater comfort. $500 million tax dollars or so, but who cares? CONGRESS doesn’t have to pay for it.

Then there’s the imperial Presidency. Dates in New York City. Shopping sprees in London or Paris. All on OUR dime. Endless “official” travel all over the world. Special privilege up the old gump stump.

It’s time to say NO MORE. NO SPECIAL PRIVILEGES. No more exemptions from laws YOU pass. No more VIP travel at taxpayer expense. No fleet of luxury planes at your beck and call, just because you’re a “public official.” No more conferences at luxury resorts unless the cost comes out of your PERSONAL pocket. No FAMILY travel on the taxpayer’s dime. No more overseas junkets that we, the People have to pay for. I’ll say it again: “NO SPECIAL PRIVILEGES.”

We, the People, are sick and tired of Imperial Government. We threw off a monarchy when the King got too overbearing. Then we wrote a simple but extremely well thought-out Constitution and created a republic. A place where anyone could grow up and do whatever he or she wanted, while respecting the right of others to do the same. A place where there were no hereditary “classes.” Where privilege was EARNED by the sweat of one’s brow. Where IDEAS were currency and where dreams could come true because one worked to make it so. Where serving in government was just something one did for a while out of a sense of duty, but one soon put it aside in order to participate in the REAL world, the world of ideas; of machinery; of agriculture; of things of VALUE to society.

But then one day, the idea was put into the heads of politicians that they could vote privilege for themselves; that they could vote lesser privilege to people who could be persuaded to vote, to do what it took to keep the politicians in office in order to keep the privileges flowing. And the politicians created their own subclass: the professional political class. And the professional ENABLER, the political STAFFER.. Then these two parasitical classes created their own little world wherein PULL was currency and the prestige of one’s political boss determined the amount of PULL available. And it was all paid for by the taxpayer, the milk cow of the politicians. And they passed legislation that made it all but impossible for others to challenge the order of things. Because SPECIAL PRIVILEGE was the order of the day.

Now, however, we, the People, the source of what LIMITED authority government has been granted, are here to tell the Political Class: NO MORE. NO SPECIAL PRIVILEGES. No more junkets. No more first class travel at OUR expense. No more sycophants on the public payroll telling politicians just how powerful and god-like they are. YOU ARE OUR EMPLOYEES, not our masters. You exist in office at our sufferance, and not by “right.”

We hired you to protect OUR interests and rights; instead you feather your own nests and those of your chosen cronies, in return for the favors they can do for you. No more. NO SPECIAL PRIVILEGE. If you cannot live under these terms, just say the word. We’ll hire someone who will. We will also seriously consider making yours a PART TIME job and not allow you but one or two staffers, also part time. That way you and the staff can spend most of your time out in the REAL world, eking out a living the way we, your bosses, must.

When foreign rulers, tyrants, and terrorists have sought to destroy this Republic, we have united and spent our treasure, our time, and most importantly our life’s blood and that of our sons and daughters to defeat these enemies so we could vouchsafe and preserve our liberty, our way of life, our moral values and the Constitution, which enumerates those things. Those tyrants and enemies have always underestimated the American people. The politicians in our country should take note of this fact…and the results. A glance over their shoulders at Athens, Tennessee, in 1946, should straighten out MOST of the politicians. You should recall that corruption was rampant in McMinn County, Tennessee, when a group of veterans, fresh from combat in World War II, came home and quickly got fed up with being targeted for ticketing, for arresting, for being fined for the least infraction. They ran a slate of candidates for the various county offices, promising clean, honest government and an end to the strongarm tactics of the incumbents. On Election Day, the sheriff “deputized” a bunch of his thugs (sound familiar?) who then took the ballot boxes to the jail for counting. They opened fire on the veterans who attempted to come in to monitor the count. The vets borrowed some weapons from the local armory and returned fire. When the gunsmoke cleared and the dynamite was put away, the “deputies” surrendered, an HONEST count was made of the ballots and, guess what, the veterans’ slate won. For the best article I’ve read on the subject, go to American Heritage and read all about it.

(The Battle for Athens shows how corruption due to SPECIAL PRIVILEGE can occur at any level of government. We, the People, oppose it no matter WHERE. NO SPECIAL PRIVILEGES. EVER.)

And, as for the Presidency, we hire someone to be the chief executive OF THESE UNITED STATES, not president of the world. There should be NO overseas travel for any reason. All your work is here at home, not in Saudi Arabia or Paris or London. If you feel a need to travel there, fly coach class on a commercial liner, just like your bosses. If you want $100/pound beefsteak, PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. If we must eat hamburger helper, for sure we will NOT pay for your beefsteak when you can go to Wal-Mart like the rest of us and pay less than $4.00 per pound!


D.C. Wright is a retired Marine Vietnam veteran who “mean[s] to see the Constitution restored to its rightful place, as Supreme Law of the Land, in MY lifetime, so that I don’t pass the problems on to my sons and grandkids.”

Rick Chace is a Marine formerly on active duty, who just barely missed Vietnam but still honors the oath he took to defend the Constitution against ALL its enemies (and, as we have seen, they are LEGION).

Jeff Head SHOULD have been a Marine. He’s got what it takes. He’s been a Freedom Activist for many years and a writer of no small skill. A good man to have at your back.

© 2009 D.C. Wright All rights reserved

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