24 August 2009



D.C. Wright

All right, gather ‘round, people. Today we get to talk about MORALITY. Morality is, in my view, widely misunderstood, much like the meaning of our Constitution. Yet, morality is a vital component of a free society. The United States were founded on the moral principles of Judeo-Christian beliefs. No matter what some revisionist might want us to swallow, THAT is the plain fact of the matter. These Biblical beliefs were ingrained in this country from the beginnings. My own ancestors, on the Mayflower, came in the hope of religious freedom, that is, freedom from the dictates of the Church of England, which they felt did not properly reflect the Biblical truths that my ancestors believed. I agree, but I digress.

The Massachusetts colony set up as a “collective,” probably not unlike those of the old Soviets or what some would turn US into. They almost starved to death. Eventually, before it was too late, they came to their senses and established property rights and private property. Then, and only then, did they succeed. Because “collectives” are not, that I have ever been able to tell, Scriptural. Nor do they work in any form or fashion. The Judeo-Christian tradition is strong on the WORK ETHIC. In fact, it was written, (paraphrasing) “He who will not work, let him not eat.” (the Apostle Paul) To me, this says that if one is not willing to labor for his food, he does NOT have any call on someone ELSE’S labor to feed him. That makes perfect sense to me.

Other principles are laid out in the Scriptures: that of property rights, of not committing murder, of not lying, cheating on your husband or wife, and so forth. These things are really the underpinnings of our morality, as they should be. They are God-given, God-inspired universal truths. HOWEVER, having said that, they also must be voluntarily accepted by each individual in society in order to truly be a MORAL code. Except that, of course, LEGAL prohibitions on crimes, such as murder, rape, theft, and so forth, with appropriate provisions for restitution and punishment, are universally valid in civilized nations. The other things, adultery, lying, sex outside of marriage, eating and drinking, things which should not rise to the level of CRIME, may rise to the level of SIN, if you believe the Bible or the Torah. Generally speaking, while sins may extract a higher punishment from God, they do not belong in our penal codes.

As I said, each individual must adopt a MORAL CODE, because MORALS are what you live by when you’re ALONE. It should be taught by the families and by the churches and synagogues. Morality is not the province of government, and the reason is simple. Especially today, when we have those of the Left working overtime to destroy the influence of families and religion (excepting the Religion of Peace, it seems) and substituting laws and prohibitions for morality, we need to fight this tooth and nail. For they mean to control every aspect of our lives and the only way it can be done is if they control what to them passes for morality: promiscuity, perversion and hedonistic pleasures to tempt our children coupled with prohibitions against these very things in the law, so that they can create a nation of LAWBREAKERS, who then can be controlled. As most of us know, a FREE man or woman cannot be controlled; at most they can be killed. But a hedonistic society, plagued by the guilt of breaking laws that were never intended to be UNBROKEN, can be controlled as readily as a horse to a bridle. (But without as much sense as the horse, speaking from 40+ year-old experience.)

I am a Christian. In a nutshell, I believe that God created the heavens and the earth; I believe that sin came into the world; I believe that God chose the Israelites as His people; I believe that later, He sent His Son into the world to preach, to die, to rise from the dead and to bear the burden of my sins so that I might, believing and accepting that, spend my eternity with Him. So I accept what the Bible says as God’s truth. And I equally believe that in order to WORK, all of these things must be accepted individually and voluntarily. Now, not everyone is going to accept everything I do. OK. But the parts that we can all agree on, the MORALITY, that you should be able to accept: respecting the rights of others and never, ever initiating an act of aggression against another, and so forth. These are the main components of a voluntary moral code. And these are the things those of the Left are so adamantly against. Theirs is a top-down, CONTROLLED society, with them (the elite) rising to the top, sort of like pond scum. With some exceptions (notably the notion that people who had dark skin, like my wife, could be bought and sold like cattle), our society WAS a voluntary society. And it worked, for the most part. But there was no TOP DOWN CONTROL over We, the People. That it was designed that way doesn’t matter to the elitists. They want US to do THEIR bidding.

You do recall Animal Farm, I’m sure. Where all animals were equal, but some were more equal than others. That’s what the Left wants; Soros and Pelosi and Reid and Jackson-Lee and Obama and Holden. They’re the pond scum that’s risen to the top and because of it they seem to feel (the Left FEELS; it seldom THINKS) that they know so much better than we how OUR lives should be run. And many on the Right are letting them get away with it, to the detriment of ALL THE REST of us. The Right is OK with prohibiting certain behaviors because they contradict what these people believe. This fits right in with the schemes of the Left, because it helps create another class of guilt-ridden dupes. And, of course, the ultimate result is the further shredding of our Constitution and our Republic.

That’s today’s lesson. It’s late and I’m tired, so we’ll continue this later. Your comments will be appreciated, because I do a much better job when I’m challenged and have to THINK about WHY I believe what I do. Then I can break it down better and do a much improved job for you. Just so you know, writing and philosophizing in a vacuum is nigh on to impossible; this is a two way street, not me preaching at you and you accepting it. So KEEP those comments and emails coming. I need to know how you are reacting to what I have to say. Am I clear enough? Do I get too confusing?

When I was the Training NCO for a Marine Helicopter Squadron, back during the ‘80s and even as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (Network warfare) Defense Chief, my job was to make what I needed to impart UNDERSTANDABLE to my Marines. This meant that they had to make it clear, was I or was I not getting my message through and how could I do better. THAT is what I need from you, dear readers. I have a LOT to say, some of it even worthwhile. But if I cannot make it clear to YOU, I’m wasting our time and your bandwidth in downloading me. We can have some fun, tweak the Statists’ noses and learn from each other. So let’s do it! (And if you ask me nice, I’ll even tell you all about my grandkids, the absolute finest in the known universe!) Sometime soon, we’ll also talk about ETHICS, which is how you deal with others.

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