09 November 2005

America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

October 28, 2005


We're proud to announce a major breakthrough in the long
battle to curb the abuses of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), an arm of the U.S.
Congress, has issued a memo telling the world what we've
always said (http://www.jpfo.org/batfearticles.htm): that
ATF "experts" use arbitrary, made-up standards when they
bring charges against gun owners and testify against us in

You can read the CRS report here:

Read it carefully. Notice something important. Although the
CRS did an investigation of its own, it relied heavily on
information that came straight from gun-maker Len Savage and


Although JPFO does not lobby Congress or urge anyone else
to, JPFO's work and Len's was instrumental in bringing this
report into the world. We're proud of that fact.

But YOUR work was instrumental, too, if you were one of the
many Americans who asked their representatives to get a copy
of the ATF's testing procedures manual.

No such ATF manual exists. One after one, at gun owners'
urging, congressmen asked the CRS to get the manual. The CRS
asked the ATF to produce the manual. And they hit a wall.

Then something ominous happened. For several weeks, the CRS,
urged on by a frantic Justice Department, planned to bury
this information.

Why? Because these revelations could potentially overturn
hundreds, even thousands, of criminal prosecutions of
innocent gun owners, going back decades.

But YOU kept pushing. And you did it on your own.

Finally the CRS had no choice but to reveal the truth: the
ATF simply "makes it up as they go along."


The CRS memo changes nothing by itself. It has no legal
force. But it is the first light Congress has shone on the
ATF in 23 years. It is a _beginning_. It is a tool concerned
gun owners -- and defense attorneys -- can use.

It's also a demonstration of the truth of two well-known
quotations about the power of the grassroots.

"When I feel the heat, I see the light." -- Sen. Everett Dirksen

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that can." --
Margaret Mead

Now, what the future holds is, in part, up to you. Take action!

1) READ the CRS report.

2) SHARE IT. Circulate the link to it on email lists. Post
the link on your blog. Let the world know. Think of two
dozen -- or a hundred -- friends who need to see the report
and share it with them.

3) ASK QUESTIONS. "How can I get more gun-rights groups
involved in this?" "When is Congress going to curb the ATF?"
"What can I do about it?" "What should ALL gun owners do
about it?" "What can defense lawyers do with this report?"
"Do I know any lawyers or abused gun owners who should get a
copy of this?"

4) BUILD FORCES to demand that this report be acted upon and
not ignored.

The CRS report isn't dramatic. The language is calm and
legalistic. It has no force in law. The drama comes when
this report inspires OUTRAGE and ACTION.

Thanks to Len Savage, JPFO, and a few hundred gun owners,
you now have proof that backs what abused gun owners have
been shouting all these years.

Now ... run with it.

If American gun owners take this memo and demand action upon
it, this little report will be bigger than the recent
pro-gun vote in Brazil, bigger than forcing FEMA to allow
firearms into refugee settlements. This has the potential to
lead to the dismantling of one of the worst agencies of the
federal government.

Even if it doesn't lead to the end of the ATF, it could
still stop the ruin of thousands of gun owners' lives and
the abuse of millions of gun owners' rights.

In a corollary to Everett Dirksen's famous remark, we always
say "Attack their pension to get their attention." ATF
agents are just working men and women who want to make a
living and retire comfortably. Threatening their security is
the best way to force them to behave.

And make no mistake. Despite the polite language, the
revelations in this report are a major threat to ATF power.

Now ... our next step is to make sure the nobody tolerates
ATF abuses. We must keep the light shining on the CRS report
until every defense lawyer, judge, and leader in the land is
aware of it.

Then we must absolutely refuse to tolerate anyone who
tolerates ATF abuses.

Finally, after decades, WE, the American gun owners, are in
a position to take initiative and control.

Will you stand with JPFO and Len Savage? Or will you let the
ATF get away with its abuses when the power to stop them has
finally been placed in your hands? Your freedom is up to you.

The Liberty Crew


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