22 November 2005

America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

November 18, 2005


Quick - in 10 seconds, name the top three real dangers to
Jewish people in the world.

Time's up. Chances are you identified one or more of these
true threats to Jews: Palestinian terror bombers, growing
violent anti-Semitism in Europe, and radical segments of
the Arab/Muslim world.

Did you even for a moment consider "American Christians" as
a primary danger to Jews? JPFO would never even imagine

Leave it to Abe Foxman, national director of the Anti-
Defamation League (ADL), to lash out against evangelical
Christians in America. That's right - Foxman is raising
money from his loyal supporters on the pretext that such
Christians pose a serious threat to American Jews.

Unsurprisingly, Foxman and the ADL are strongly anti-
rights, and support the most prohibitive of "gun control"
regimes. The ADL routinely aligns itself with the heavily
statist, socialist, big government forces on the political
Left. It is the political Left that screams to have the
Jewish Ten Commandments removed from every public place in
America. It is the Left that today most vocally attacks
Israel, the only state in the Middle East that is
democratic, and the only state in the world that is openly

Meanwhile, evangelical Christians in America tend to be
pro-rights, pro-Constitution, pro-Ten Commandments, and
pro-self defense. Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly
support Israel's right to exist, and they frequently reach
out to support Jews in America and other nations.

So why does it make sense for the self-described Jewish ADL
to attack the strongly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish group in
America? Why does it make sense for the ADL to align with
the Left that hates Israel while sympathizing with homicide

We at JPFO suggest these answers.

Fundamentally, Foxman and the ADL are statist socialists
first and foremost, Americans a distant second, and Jewish
dead last. By contrast, evangelical Christianity tends to
favor Biblical values which include ideas of limited
government, individual freedom, and personal and family
responsibility. Evangelical Christians lean strongly
toward loving American values and traditions.

Morally, Foxman and the ADL are cowardly. If they attack
American Christians, the Christians will respond by writing
letters and speaking out -- at most. If Foxman and the ADL
attack radical Muslims or European anti-Semites, the
responses very likely might be assassinations and bombings
that kill Jews and others. So, Foxman and the ADL shoot at
friendlies instead of real enemies, knowing the friendlies
won't shoot back.

Financially, Foxman and the ADL are raising money from
their usual supporters. They need only to ring out "the
Christians are coming" and their captive sheep send in
thousands of dollars. Compare that despicable hate-
mongering to the fact that mainstream evangelical
Christians never raise money by generating fear of Jews.

Thoughtful Americans, whether Jewish, Christian, or non-
religious, can see Foxman's cynical, cowardly, hateful
jihad for what it is.

Happy Shabbos, Abe.

- The Liberty Crew

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