02 November 2009


To: Barack Hussein Obama, an employee of We, the People of these United States of America

To: All persons employed at agencies, cabinet departments and other entities NOT SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED by the Constitution for the United States

To: The Members of the Senate, employees of We, the People of these United States

To: The Members of the House of Representatives, employees of We, the People of these United States

To: Judges, Justices and other members of the Judicial branch, employees of We, the People of these United States

We, the People of these United States of America, the sole bedrock and source of authority for you, our employees, to work and to have certain powers to act in our names and on our behalf, do hereby order you to CEASE AND DESIST any and all activities which are not FULLY AND COMPLETELY IN ACCORD with the VERY LIMITED grant of authority we gave you in the Constitution for the United States.

We hereby instruct you to READ the Founding Documents of this nation: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and understand and RESPECT the source of your limited authority. We further order and instruct you to begin at once the process of vetting ALL PRIOR legislation ever passed, enforced or ruled on for its STRICT adherence to Constitutional limits on authority. We then expect that any and all legislation, executive orders, cabinet posts, agencies and other appurtenances of government not found in compliance to be repealed, excised and removed from existence.

We further require that ANY AND ALL legislation or executive orders or judicial rulings have as their first words the specific section and paragraph which authorizes them, We have grown exceedingly weary of the weight of government you have placed on us over the years and decades, virtually ALL of which is contrary to the LIMITED authority we granted you. Now We, the People of these United States are RECLAIMING our birthright, OUR inheritance, bought and paid for by the blood and sacrifice of untold men and women, whose bootstraps you are unworthy to kiss. You have, with so few exceptions as to be almost none, brought such shame and disgrace to the offices to which we hired you that we no longer trust you with the reins of authority.

We, the People of these United States, hereby rescind any authority you have to act in our names and on our behalf until such time as you have PROVEN by action, not words; by DEEDS, not by sugary oratory, that you finally understand the relationship you have with us. You are our EMPLOYEES, NOT our rulers. We, as a free and independent People, have NO ruler save Almighty God.

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ParaPacem said...

gee... no ruler but God? Why, the Diversity Police might find that to be hate speech, which would incite people to go out and burn black people's homes, lynch homosexuals and force innocent raghea, er, muslims, to convert to the hated religion of Judeo-Christianity! And how dare you speak so disrespectfully about our Dear Reader, um, Leader, and his other messianic helpers? When the new Kingdom of Al-Obungo is in full sway, you will be sentenced to a year in the re-education camps, cleaning Barney Frank's strap-on collection!