04 July 2006

Happy Independence Day, folks. Here's a unique quiz on freedom and independence from the inimitable Neil Boortz:


Planning for your retirement.

  1. I want my employer to provide me with a pension

  2. I want the government to take something out of
    every one of my paychecks and then pay it back to me in monthly payments
    after I reach retirement age.

  3. I'm perfectly willing to save some money toward
    my retirement years out of each and every paycheck and I want my
    employer and the government to butt out. If I fail to finance my
    retirement years adequately I'll have nobody to blame but myself.

Desecrating the American Flag

  1. I believe the Bill of Rights was written by men
    to tell government what it can and cannot do. Even though I
    strongly disapprove of anyone desecrating our Flag, I realize the First
    Amendment was written to protect unpopular expressions, not ones that
    everyone is going to agree with.

  2. I believe that our Flag is the symbol of our
    country, and anyone who desecrates it ought to be punished harshly.
    To that end I approve of a new Constitutional amendment, the first one
    since prohibition that would tell us what we can and cannot do, instead
    of the government.

Medical Care

  1. My employer should provide me with a health
    insurance plan covering me and my immediate family.

  2. The government should provide taxpayer funded
    health care for everyone.

  3. I should be responsible for providing my own
    health care and health insurance in a competitive medical
    marketplace unhindered by government mandates and regulations.

Health Insurance

  1. The government should tell health insurance
    companies what they must and what they cannot cover in their policies.

  2. I wish to be free to negotiate with health
    insurance companies in order to find the best price for my policy by
    including matters I wish to insure against, and excluding health
    matters, like drug and alcohol abuse, which are of no concern to me.

Having No Health Insurance

  1. If I have no health insurance the government
    should provide me emergency health care paid for by the taxpayers.

  2. If I have no health insurance and the taxpayers
    are compelled to pay for any of my health care the taxpayers should be
    reimbursed through the seizure and sale of all of my assets. I
    have no claim on the property of others for the purpose of paying for my
    medical needs.

Choosing a doctor

  1. I'm perfectly willing to rely on private
    accreditation organizations to tell me who is properly trained in the
    delivery of medical services. After conferring with those
    accreditation organizations, like the American Medical Association, I
    want to be free to chose any person I want for any medical purpose I see

  2. I want the government to tell me who I can seek
    medical services from.

Wages and Employment

  1. I realize that in the free enterprise marketplace
    I have something to sell just as to all other individuals and businesses
    do. My product is my physical and intellectual labor. I
    should be left absolutely free to negotiate a price for my physical and
    intellectual labor with any prospective employer free of government
    interference. The only role for the government in my relationship
    with my employer would be to provide a means to enforce contracts
    between us.

  2. I want the government to set a minimum wage below
    which I would not be free to work. I also want the government to
    set my working hours, how I am to be paid for overtime, family leave
    options and my vacation periods,

I recognize that the most important task I shall
have as a human being will be to nurture and raise my child. With
that in mind:

  1. I want the government to seize my money through
    taxes and to use those taxes to set up a system of government schools to
    which I shall be compelled to send my child. I will be free, if I
    wish, to send my child to a private school, but the government will not
    let me have any of my money back to pay for it.

  2. I want the government to back out of the picture
    and allow me to accept the responsibility for the education of my child
    free of government interference and mandates.

Knowing that the more despotic a government becomes
the more that government tries to control the dissemination of
information. I also know that most American rely on the broadcast
media for their news. Therefore:

  1. I want the government to continue to license the
    operation of all radio and television stations and to regulate their
    conduct so that they don't broadcast against the common interest.

  2. I want the broadcast media in this country to
    have the full First Amendment rights granted to the printed media.

I am a devoutly religious person and my religious
feelings include strongly felt opinions on what other people should and
should not do in their private lives.

  1. I want the government to regulate the sexual
    conduct between consenting adults so that said conduct will be in
    keeping with my personal sense of what is right and what is wrong.

  2. I may be disgusted by what some people do to and
    with each other in the privacy of their own homes, but I do not wish for
    the government to prevent those perverts from doing whatever perverted
    things they like to do to each other.

Even though I drink alcohol and smoke nicotine:

  1. I want the government to make sure that nobody
    uses any substance that I find personally offensive. Marijuana,
    for instance.

  2. I do not believe that the government should be
    involved in what people do, and that includes what people smoke, in
    privacy of their own homes. I just don't want to have to pay for
    it when they screw themselves up good.

You need some legal advice.

  1. 1. You want the government to tell you who you
    can go to for legal advice. If you go to someone for legal advice
    who is not approved by the government, and that person charges you to
    prepare a will or to draw up a lawsuit for you, you want the government
    to punish that person with a heavy fine, or perhaps some jail time, even
    though you freely entered into an agreement with him for that advice and
    legal help.

  2. 2. You are willing to use your own common
    sense in choosing someone to represent you before a court, either
    someone who is recommended by a private accreditation agency such as the
    American Bar Association, or someone who is otherwise known to you to be
    informed and capable as to legal affairs, and you are willing to abide
    by the choice you made.

You're going to have a child. You understand
that having a child will be physically, emotionally and financially
challenging. So .....

  1. You want the government to used money seized from
    taxpayers to pay for child care for your child.

  2. You want the government to force your employer to
    give you 12 weeks off from the job in order to care for your new child,
    and you want your job to be waiting for you when you return.

  3. You know that you had the child, not the
    taxpayers and not your employer, and you are willing to bear the
    responsibility for raising that child without the government imposing
    any cost, burden or duty on anyone else on your behalf.

You want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet.

  1. You're willing to take full responsibility for
    your decision, including the possibility that you might die if you crack
    your head open and you don't have enough money to pay for the medical
    care you'll need and there's no private charity willing to step up and
    cover your costs because they consider your injuries to be essentially

  2. You want to be free to ride without a helmet, but
    if you do happen to sustain a horrible injury you want the government to
    force the taxpayers to be responsible for your health care.

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