06 December 2005

America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

December 2, 2005

JPFO ALERT: 50 yr old Grandmother Faces
Federal Prison for ... ?

Please visit the following link immediately, before the
Washington Times takes the page down.

(or http://tinyurl.com/donpw)


* Did the Framers of the Constitution want to
authorize federal agents to check ID cards of everybody on
public transportation, without any cause to do so?

* Would a policy of routinely checking IDs of
passengers on city buses have changed the outcome at the
Oklahoma City Bombing or the 9-11 Attacks?

* Does the idea of federal agents routinely checking
every ID on a city bus -- without any cause to do so --
seem like a policy of a free state or a police state?

* Are Americans going to quietly let this perfectly
decent lady get hammered by federal prosecutors who
apparently think enforcing police state policies is their

- The Liberty Crew

P.S. Only 13 more days until Bill of Rights Day. Could the
above happen if we had a Bill of Rights culture?


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